Possible ‘Heroes’ experience?

Could “Heroes” creator Tim Kring be taking a page out of the “Lost” playbook or is this just an elaborate fan-made site? Either way it’s pretty cool. While you’re checking out the official “Heroes” site over at NBC, don’t forget to read some of the graphic novels. They provide some great back stories to several of the characters and a few times have introduced future characters like the telekinetic Hana Gitelman.

Seems that Horned-Rim Glasses man has a website for his business Primatech Papers. But the fun starts when you follow the “about us” link. By cPhoto courtesy of NBClicking on the Primatech logo a snazzy red helix will appear.

Enter this informaton into the appropriate promps.

Username : bennet
Password : claire

Click on the first file (C3001) which is the background files of former Mossad agent Hana Gitelman. AKA Wireless.

Username : bennet
Password : HGghx11a

To get to Sylar file (c3004): User: bennet / password: GGeh81zu

The passoword promps are case sensitive. There’s even an 800 number to call, much like the Hanso site from Lost. Wait, what? You’re not watching “Heroes?” Well, what are you waiting for it’s easily one of the geekiest and best shows on television.

And yes, if you thought this was a dual excuse to show a picture of Claire Bennet then you know me too well. And yes, if you think I feel creepier for doing so, then again you know me too well.

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