Sarah Connor Chronicles trailer

When word came out that British hottie Lena Headey (300) was cast to play the iconic Sarah Connors in the Terminator television show we got very excited around these parts.? Well FOX has unveiled a trailer for the show, which takes place between the events of Terminator 2 and Terminator 3.?

Looks like it has some potential, we especially love that Summer Glau is back kicking some ass as John Connors protective terminator.? That could lead to some weird sexual tension.? Not saying it would, but that it could.? She’s quite the looker.? Even the special effects look like they were handled well.? The only problem is with the FOX network.? They’ve never really showed a penchant for handling good shows.? I mean just look at the laundry list of excellence cancelled by FOX over the years.

‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ debuts in mid-season.

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