Semiannual critics poll

TV Week rounds ups a slew of television critics from mainstream papers, the internet, wherever they can find them to rate twice a year the top and bottom 10 shows on television. They also do things like miniseries, but for our purposes we’re strictly looking at the best and the worst.

Since they cast a wide net, it’s always curious about what will make either list. For instance, last year 24 was voted as one of the best shows, this year it was voted as the second worst show on television. I think that’s more symptomatic of the high expectations the show brings, but it’s also indicative of just how bad season 6 really was. The majority of critics were probably feeling the sting of being let down so miserably by one of television’s best shows. And it looks like the producers of 24 have heeded the message as they’ve delayed the start of production for next season to rework the storyline.


1. The Sopranos HBO N/R
2. Lost ABC 6
3. Friday Night Lights NBC 7
4. The Office NBC 3
5. Ugly Betty ABC 4
6. Heroes NBC 2
7. 30 Rock NBC 13
8. The Shield FX N/R
9. Grey?s Anatomy ABC 4
10. The Tudors Showtime New
11. The Riches FX New
12. Entourage HBO N/R
(t) Battlestar Galactica Sci Fi 9
14. American Idol Fox N/R
15. House Fox 11  
16. Boston Legal ABC N/R
17. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Comedy Central 14
18. Rescue Me FX 12
19. Desperate Housewives ABC N/R
(t) Rome HBO N/R
21. Everybody Hates Chris The CW N/R
(t) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS N/R
23. Brothers and Sisters ABC 24
24. Veronica Mars The CW 21
25. The New Adventures of Old Christine CBS New


1. October Road ABC New
2. 24 Fox 22*
3. The Real Wedding Crashers NBC N/R
4. The Black Donnellys NBC New
5. Pussycat Dolls Present: TheSearch for the Next Doll The CW New
6. Tyler Perry?s House of Payne TBS New
7. Nancy Grace Headline News 6
8. Sons of Hollywood A&E New
(t) On the Lot Fox New
(t) The Wedding Belles Fox New

*in Best Shows category Winter ?07

Can’t say I find fault with either of these lists. My only thing is I would have the rankings different. Nancy Grace would have been my number 1 terrible show and some of the “Best of” shows would have been higher or not even on my list of shows. Again though, it’s understandable given how these work why certain shows are valued higher than others.

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