Sneak Peek at ‘Heroes: Volume 3″

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like Heroes: Volume 2 was a complete waste of 11 episodes. The plots meandered, revealed marginally little, introduced no interesting new characters, and then killed off most of them anyways. What happened to the show we all grew to love last season?

Hopefully Tim Kring and his writing staff can fix those mistakes when it comes back for Volume 3. I say this because if they don’t fix the problems, which Kring has openenly admitted, then he’s going to lose a lot more viewers, this one included.

Recently, at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival, they displayed some upcoming footage of the next saga and by the crowd reaction we should be in for something fun. Not much is revealed, except there is lots of Sylar, H.R.G. indicates the big bag is like fighting “12 Sylars” which could be the shadowy organization, Elle is still in the picture (more Kristen Bell is always a good thing) and the most intriguing thing of all was the ending when we see Sylar and Mrs. Petrelli supposedly working together.

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