SNL @ Upright Citizens Brigade

This past weekend, the cast of Saturday Night Live performed the show from the bowels of the Upright Citizens Brigade in Chelsea. Michael Cera hosted the evening and Yo La Tengo was the musical guest. Though the audience only numbered around 200, it featured among others such as Will Arnett, John Krasinski, Samm Levine, Julian Casablancas and Norah Jones. Tickets were rumored to be going for about $300 a pop on Craigslist ($20 face), but there is no price you could put on seeing something like this.


(photo via NY Times)

Michael Cera’s monologue consisted of him reading past host’s monologues in his deadpan, awkward delivery, such as Donald Trump’s (“Who’s bigger than me!”), Paris Hilton (“That’s so hot”) and Snoop Dogg (“I see the word schnizzle”). By all acounts it was a great night of comedy and music, with former cast members returning to pitch in and the change of venue allowed the sketches to be a bit more risque, it helps that this was not broadcast.

With the extra sketches, some of which may eventually reach the small screen, the live ?SNL? felt much like an amped-up TV ?SNL.? Though not everything hit, and there was some scattered yawning in the audience, the final scene, with Will Forte as an unexpectedly forthright gold lam?-clad street performer, killed. It dated from his time in the Groundlings the Los Angeles. comedy troupe. Though he had performed it for his ?SNL? audition, it was way too dirty for television ? a theme of the evening. Even the weeks-old ?Weekend Update? jokes were racy.

Proceeds from the tickets were to go to SNL?s production staff, most of whom had had been recently laid off; some were in the audience. But the performance was less about money than community. (A sold-out live version of ?30 Rock,? the Tina Fey comedy, is scheduled for 8 p.m. Monday at the theater.)

Sounds like it was a great night of comedy. Read more about it from folks who were there on the A Special Thing Message Board.

One final note, an audience member did note that Amy Poehler was filming this for a potential documentary about the writer’s strike, which means hopefully we’ll get some YouTubage of this event sometime soon.

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