So Who Needs TiVo?

Along with the expected mounds of crap that are all over the tube, there are a growing number of shows that are worth a little of your time. And, of course, many of them air simultaneously. Mondays, ABC has Dancing With the Stars against NBC’s Chuck and Heroes, which are all against the good CBS sitcoms How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, and Rules of Engagement. Then there’s Fox with Prison Break and K-Ville. And that’s just Monday.

This is why I have fallen in love with internet TV watching. Just in the last week I have visited to watch the full pilot episode of Chuck, to watch the full pilot episode of Big Bang Theory (hilarious, doesn’t dumb down the science), and to watch the second episode of Back to You (really, really funny).

This coming Wednesday, ABC has Private Practice, NBC the Bionic Woman, and CBS’s Criminal Minds is airing the final Mandy Patinkin episode all at 9 p.m. The great thing is that if you don’t have a DVR it doesn’t really matter, since all of these shows are available to watch (with limited commercial interuption) the very next morning.

It’s changing the way we watch television and luckily the networks are doing a better job of adjusting than the music biz.

One more thing: If you’re fans of Showtime’s Dexter and Brotherhood (we’re huge fans of both around the Oyster offices) you can check them out online. The password is: “killer shows” (Thanks Whitney)

God bless bandwidth.

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