Star Wars animated television show

George Lucas gave Star Wars fanatics a little treat over the weekend, a little taste of things to come for the space saga.? He has two different projects in the works: one is an animated show taking place during the Clone Wars and the second is live action television films focussing on characters not seen before.

The latter project actionally sounds kind of cool, especially if Lucas tosses around a huge budget for them.? I like the idea of a Firefly type show taking place in the Star Wars universe.? Not sure if that’s what it’ll be, but you know, one can dream.? The former project Star Wars: Tales of the New Republic, debuted a trailer this past weekend.

Gotta say, all the characters seem like they have to poop.? Their faces just look strange and though he’s going for a more realistic approach then the recent Gendy Tarkovsky animated Clone Wars, I’m not sure I think the new show is an improvement.? You decide.? The first clip is the trailer for the upcoming animated series.? The one that follows is for the Tarkovsky show.

Hopefully, the new show will improve with time.? But still, it doesn’t seem nearly as awesome as the recent animated effort.? Here’s some clips from the Gendy Tarkovsky show, which aired on The Cartoon Network during the interim between the theatrical releases of Episode II and Episode III.

And yes, I’m aware that anything is more exciting when the Requiem For a Dream score is overlayed onto it.? Even a dog licking its butt would be exciting with Clint Mansell’s score.

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