The. Best. ‘Simpsons.’ Cameos. Ever.

Let the debate begin. Gearing up for the release of The Simpsons: The Movie on July 27, I’m sure we’ll be getting much more lists like this from all across the web.The UK Times Online rounds up a great selection of cameos and it’s hard to argue with their list. They’ve got, in no particular order, Dustin Hoffman, Aerosmith, The Who, the gang from Cheers, Smashing Pumpkins and Cypress Hill (“Who ordered the violins? Was it you B-Real?” That line kills me every time.), Mel Gibson, soccer star Renaldo, The White Stripes, etc. Each entry is supplied with YouTube video evidence to back up their claims.

It’s a great list and a nice trip down memory lane. We hate to admit it, but we’ve been slacking on The Simpsons for far too long. The one omission I would lobby for is for Phish. Their guest appearance was hilarious, especially because Homer gets addicted to medical marijuana and becomes a pothead with Otto.

“That better be medicinal marijuana. If Phish don’t see a perscription slip we’re outta here.” Plus that was a wicked “Antelope” tease.

Great stuff all around. And unlike Phish in concert, it was short, hard-hitting and to the point.

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