The Great Debate: Is Jenna Fischer hot?

She plays wall flower Pam on NBC’s The Office. More often than not we think, yeah, Fischer’s fairly attractive. But then we can’t help but think we only feel that way because she’s on television and that we could think of 2o every day women much more attractive than she is.

Either way this is what we’ve been thinking about all weekend. What kick started the debate was this photo sent to us by “The Head Researcher” and also the developing controversy of Jenna Fischer’s appearance on the April cover of Wired. And by controversy we mean some geeks are upset that the magazine dared to put a naked woman on their cover. I guess when you sex things up it leads to people getting into a tizzy.

The April cover of WIRED features a package of stories about radical transparency, our notion that the next model of business success is laying your company bare to the world?sharing secrets with your rivals, blogging about ideas as you have them, and copping to fumbles and foibles as you make them. The concept was crisp, but we all struggled with how to portray a pretty complex idea in the three-second visual byte that is the modern magazine cover. If you’re talking about transparency, the obvious metaphor is clear: you’re naked.

So of course, WIRED being WIRED, we wanted a cover that was smart and showy. And as Creative Director I wanted something that hadn’t been done before. We settled on the idea of printing on clear acetate. But it had to be interactive. Now you?re in a business suit?now you?re not.

Then we wrestled with the question of how to best show the real goings on inside the modern American office. How about using ?The Office? as a model? And who would we like to see practicing what we’re preaching? Dwight? Ehhh…notsomuch. Of course, Pam. So we called NBC and pitched our idea and Jenna Fischer (thankfully!) liked the idea.

Hmmm… not very interesting. Anyway, we’re beginning to think Ms. Fischer (she’s married to director James Gunn), may be setting the standard for the contemporary Hollywood two-face. Pretty one minute, plain Jane the next. And in a way, that may be her sexiest quality. That and her comedy chops/intellect.

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