The O.J. Simpsons

Anyone who was anyone can recall exactly where there were the day the OJ Simpson verdict was read back in ’95. Me? I was in sixth period Spanish class my Junior year of high school. And yes, I’m proud that while my parents generation remembers the day Kennedy got shot, my generation will always remember the day The Juice was let loose.

So it’s something of pleasant experience that in the ensuing decade since the trial and the chase and not to mention the double homicide, O.J.’s become a pariah. Just wish we could have that Fox interview for his book, “If I did It.” And while some people thought it was tactless I say it was brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to read a confession for the greatest circus trial in the last fifty years? Everybody that’s who! And if someone tells you they weren’t interested in seeing that interview or reading that book, then they’re just flat out lying to you.

All of this has absolutely nothing to do with The O.J. Simpsons. It’s just sprinkling some pixie dust and setting the stage for the funny that’s about to follow. Anyone know who created these short animation parodies? Drop us a line if you do. Be sure to follow the link, since there’s a few episodes to watch besides the one below.

Best line of the entire series is when fake Bart asks his dad O.J., “do they pay you to bang white chicks and play golf?”

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  • Susan March 28, 2007, 3:10 pm

    The smart folks at created this.