Update: No Kristen Bell on ‘Lost’

So actress Kristen Bell won’t be joining the cast of Lost next season. Lindelof and Cuse officially offered her the part of Charlotte, but Bell turned them down. Apparantly the idea of relocating to Hawaii to join the ensemble cast for the best show on television was too much for Bell.

There are rumors flying everywhere that she’ll be appearing on Broadway in Legally Blond starting in February. Which, I suppose you’ve got to follow your heart and all, but still. It would have been a great marriage, especially because Lindelof and Cuse have been extremely gracious to actors/actresses that want to leave the show. Most of the cast seem to come and go as they please, with the exception of the major island players.

There’s no doubt Bell could have come in filmed her parts, gone back to LA to do film work or even New York to do Broadway. Either way, here’s hoping Kristen Bell ends up doing some work sometime soon. We miss her already.

Update: Bell can be seen next in the upcoming film Fanboys.

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