Welcom to the O.Z. bitch

Is it possible to boycott something entirely on principle?? What I’m getting at is I generally loath people who protest and argue about things to which they’ve never experienced.? It makes no sense to me that people would protest Eli Roth’s Hostel by deeming it torture-porn without having ever seen a single frame.? This happens quite a bit.

However, the excitement I felt with the news that Sci-Fi Channel planned a Wizard of OZ reimagining for December titled Tin Man, was only met with equal measures of disapointment after seeing the first trailer for the mini-series.

It certainly looks cool.? It certainly looks like something I’d watch.? I certainly think the cast of button-eyed Zooey Deschanel as DG (Dorothy), Alan Cummings as Glitch (the scarecrow), Neal McDonough as Tinman (duh) and Raoul Trujillo as Raw (the lion) is pretty spectacular.? It also include Richard Dreyfuss as the wizard.


What gets me though is not the reimagining part.? I’m okay with that if the story is done justice.? It’s the reference to the land of OZ as the O.Z.? repeatedly.? Uggh.? You tell anyone about this little tidbit and they pause for a moment, thinking to themselves “really?”? Then the incredulous word comes out of their mouth and they act like they just had their little puppy kicked in the junk.? Seriously.? This is the reaction almost 100% of the time.

There is an inherent risk in adapting a much loved property like L. Frank Baum’s novel, but it’s the connection to the Judy Garland orginal moreso.? I do think there is room for an updating of this property.? It worked with the Faruza Balk, Return to Oz and the Michael Jackson version The Wiz.? Only time will tell if audiences cop to liking the Zooey Deschanel version. ?

After watching the trailer for this thing, I’m further convinved that a big budget Wizard of Oz remake would be quite awesome if it was done by Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam, but only by one of those two directors.

Tin Man eases on down the road Dec. 2 at 9 p.m. on Sci-Fi.

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