Who’s Got the Goods?

Well, well it looks like there is nothing on television tonight. Sure you can check out tonight’s American Idol, where Diana Ross is coming out of her bat cave to coach the remaining contestants, or if you’re uber-producer Dick Wolf you may want to check in on your rickety television franchise Law & Order, ditto for NBC’s Catch a Predator, but wouldn’t you rather watch ABC Primetime’s oddly compelling show about the weirdos and freaks of our society?

That’s right it’s Primetime: The Outsiders. Tonight’s episode is extra special because it’s about the porn industry. Yes, we’re not above admitting to watching some porn, but mostly it’s because pornos are just fascinating. The blank empty stares, the disgusting gonzo nature of the movies, and the utterly unconvincing attempts of the performers to convince us they are young enough to be 19 years old. All in all the porn industry, which is roughly a $13 billion a year industry, is just bizarre and otherworldly. So we’re hoping ABC can shed some light by examining the life of performer Sunny Lane. It turns out her parents, contrary to what you would think, are not only proud of their daughter but they are also willing to help with her career. Can you say exploitative? We hope not but it should be an enlightening show nonetheless.

Primetime starts at 9 p.m. Check your local listings, as they say.

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