Why we like Nathan Fillion: Reason #34

Nathan Fillion, who got his start on the daytime soap One Life to Live, but has recently found cult success as a leading man in television shows Firefly, Drive and Lost (next fall he’ll be suiting up as a gynocologist in his biggest role to date for Desperate Housewives) and in such little seen movies like Waitress, Serenity and Slither. And even though it would seem he has no reason to return to daytime television, that’s just what the actor is doing, when he shot some scenes for OLTL’s 10,000th episode. His story arc will air on Aug. 16 and 17th.

“I guess a lot of actors don’t like to admit they once did soaps, but it was important for me to go back to where I got my start,” says Fillion, who played star-crossed lover Joey Buchanan from 1994 to 1997 on the ABC drama. “I will never forget what OLTL did for me personally and professionally.”

Still, the two-day stint was “bittersweet,” he notes, because he went back to bury his TV grandpa, Asa. The character was played by Phil Carey, the lovable crank who quit the show last spring in a contract tiff. “Phil didn’t like everybody but when he liked you, he liked you, and he was very kind to me,” Fillion recalls. “To honor him was a very big deal.”

Not sure why, but we love the humility and humbleness of such a little gesture. Lots of actors don’t enjoy reprising roles that made them famous, as they view such an act as beneath them. But not Fillion. We’re hoping this small gesture allows Karma to repay him and make him the successful leading man lots of people believe him to already be.

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