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Neil Patrick Harris is everywhere these days. And he should be. He constantly steals every scene he’s in on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and let’s be real, his cameo in both Harold & Kumar flicks are worth their weight in gold (okay, we’re only surmising that his cameo in the second one is wait for it . . . legendary, since it hasn’t hit theaters yet).

Frosty over at Collider has a fun video interview with the man, but some of the highlights include:

  • We were joking around as the interview started?he asked what outlet I was with and I said it was a porn site.
  • I ask with all the Saw movies that come pout every Halloween, how is there not a Harold and Kumar movie every 4/20/08
  • Could there be a Harold and Kumar musical?
  • Neil tells me about a bet between Jason Segel and himself that involves $200,000 dollars. It?s about which movie does better
  • I ask how many people have tried to get him high
  • What was it like coming back to the character and playing himself
  • I ask what else he has coming up

Best part is though, NPH admits he’s all about the scavenger-treasury hunts. Cuz, who isn’t?

But if you’re not into the sort humorous promotional interviews, the NY Times strolled along with NPH over the weekend for another edition of A Night Out With.


To distinguish between Mr. Harris?s authentic and fictional selves, Ms. Medlin pointed out that in real life Mr. Harris has never snorted cocaine off a woman?s behind. ?Not this year!? chimed Mr. Harris and Ms. Baeling, in unison. Ba-dum-bum!

She was referring to one of Mr. Harris?s scenes in ?Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,? a 2004 dark comedy. In the sequel, ?Harold & Kumar Escape From Guant?namo Bay,? Mr. Harris brands a prostitute with his name while hallucinating on magic mushrooms.

?When ?Harold and Kumar? came out, Neil said to me, ?I hope people don?t think I?m like that!? ? Mr. Medlin said. ?I was like, ?It?s a parody!? ?

The real Mr. Harris more closely resembles the social ringleader Barney Stinson, the character he plays on the CBS sitcom ?How I Met Your Mother? ? if Barney were gay and really into Disneyland. (Mr. Harris?s live-in boyfriend, David Burtka, also an actor, was in New York working).

?I?m not the guy who goes to Skybar,? Mr. Harris said. ?I?m not good with that random small talk with people I?ll never meet again. I prefer to take a friend somewhere eventful.?

Mr. Harris, 34, recently became a board member for the Academy of Magical Arts. The board has governed the academy since it made the castle its headquarters in 1963. (?Neil?s the first celeb on the board since Cary Grant,? Ms. Baeling said.) […]

Mr. Harris insisted that his amateur magic skills were better suited for the talk-show circuit than the club. Still, he performed impressive tricks for his friends. He asked me to pick a card from a deck he was carrying, but then failed to find my card after two tries.

Acting despondent at his blunder, Mr. Harris took the group on a tour, pointing out a gallery of celebrity members? autographs hanging on the wall. Mr. Harris?s autograph read: ?Was your card the three of hearts? Presto, N.P.H.? (Indeed, it was.)

Does the fact that NPH does magic tricks and loves Disneyland make him more or less endearing?

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