Bob Brush updating “The Wonder Years” for 1980

Well, not updating really. ?But Brush, who was a writer and producer of the seminal ABC show about the Vietnam War-era in this country and made Kevin Arnold a household name and made every guy fall in love with Winnie Cooper has signed a deal with NBC to produce a similar show set in the 1980s. ?”The project, produced by Sony Pictures TV and studio-based Tantamount, is described as ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ meets ‘The Ice Storm.'” ?Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development is also producing. ?Okay cool, I think, but why not forgo the new show and get The Wonder Years out on DVD. ?’K thanks bye. ?[Hollywood Reporter]

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    You can get bootleg versions of “Wonder Years” on DVD. I own all of the seasons but they’re really scratchy. The reason it hasn’t been release officially is because music plays such a huge role in the show and it’s nearly impossible to get all of the artists to sign off on the composer rights. I wish they would get their shit together tough. It’s in my mind the greatest show of all time and would make a excellent addition to any collection.


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