Buffy the Animated Series

Four years after a proposed Buffy the Vampire Slayer Animated Series dissolved because it didn’t get picked up by any television shows, the four-minute demo reel has surfaced.? The show was to be about Buffy Summer’s high school days, presumably the early part of her slayer career at Sunnydale High School.? The majority of actors/actresses from the television show reprised their roles including Alyson Hannigan as Willow, Nicholas Brendan as Xander, Anthony Stewart Head as Giles.? Sarah Michelle Gellar was replaced by Giselle Loren.

The show looked pretty good in a Saturday morning kinda way.? And even though I’m a retarded Buffy fanatic (I started watching because I went to high school with Eliza Dushku and I was flipping through and saw an episode with her on it when FX used to show Buffy episodes from 7-9 a.m.? Needless to say I got hooked like a one flipper fish.? Still, I don’t have to justify to any of ya’ll.? It’s just most are surprised about my sick, sick devotion.), I don’t think I woulda watched this devotedly.

Still, it’s a fascinating piece of what if.? Doing Buffy animated would allow Joss Whedon the opportunity to tackle some ambition story ideas, the kind a production team isn’t afforded on a television budget.? [via]

Also: Read this interview with Jane Espenson and Eric Wright about the show.

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