CW’s new 90210

I had high hopes for the CW’s remake of 90210 when it was announced Cupid and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas was going to be the creative force behind this show.? Alas, he’s nowhere to be found and the new showrunners are Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah.? The duo were writer’s on the short lived Judd Apatow high school show Freaks & Geeks, but they are also responsible for Life As We Know It.

The thing is, if you watch reruns of the original Beverly Hills 90210, created by Darren Star, it wasn’t that good.? Poorly written and acted, but for whatever reason there is something that works about the show.? Ian Zeiring perhaps?

And obviously the template of following around salacious rich kids works.? See The OC and Gossip Girl. Regardless, the update with some random people like Aunt Becky from Full House and Jessica “Lucille Bluth” Walters and Michael from The Wire (dear god how do you go from that show to this?? They should have worked in the plot line that his character was the same and Michael got adopted by a rich family and had to move from inner-city Baltimore) doesn’t look promising.? I can honestly say, this is one show I’m not anticipating in the fall.

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  • Lauren May 26, 2008, 4:40 am

    What, no mention of original 90210-er Jennie Garth? It would make the trailers that much better and maybe make it worth at least checking out the pilot…

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