Ellen Page and Wilco on SNL 3/1/08

Another Saturday another unfunny episode of Saturday Night Live. Nothing surprising there. However, there were a few okay moments including Hillary Clinton opening the show up (seriously, wtf? When did Hillary regain her mojo?), Wilco played “Hate It Here” off of their totes awesome Blue Sky Blue, and Ellen Page had a sorta funny skit lampooning whether or not she’s a lesbian (which curiously has been one of the celebrity blogs buzzed about news stories this week. yup it’s come to this).

First up is Wilco, because they trump all.

As for that Ellen Page skit, well it had one good moment, when the 21-year-old Canadian actress goes: ?I just felt like i was an oil lamp that?s never been lit,and now I?m finally burning bright with sister fire! There were so many cute short haircuts and I didn?t care that I didn?t have any make up on. I felt so free.?

Andy Samberg playing her psuedo-boyfriend, tells Page, ?You are like a primo lesbian now.?

To which, Page retorts: ?Gay, no way! ?Why does everything have to have a freaking label?? Why can?t I just hug a woman with my LEGS in friendship????

Here’s Page’s opening monologue, in which Samberg plays ex-stripper turned Oscar-winning screenplay writer Diablo Cody. Nothing great, but I’d figure I’d throw that in.

And finally, Hillary Clinton trying to resuscitate her presidential hopes.

So that’s what SNL has become. A few okay skits and one good musical performance. I wish Wilco had played “Impossible Germany” cause that song is bomb.

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  • Ace Cowboy March 2, 2008, 8:04 pm

    I thought Hate It Here was just okay, nothing special. Nels was great as usual, but I just didn’t feel like they were all that into it otherwise. Tweedy’s suit for Walken was badass.