First Five Minutes of Gossip Girl Season Two

This is perhaps the funniest Gossip Girl related article I’ve read in a while.? Top to bottom just hilarious.

But now that the show is on DVD I’ve got to play a bit of catch up, as I missed the last half of the first season.? Even though Gossip Girl is Veronica Mars (now that would be a show I could get behind, her investigating with Wallace whom slept with whom, the date rapes, the affairs, the drug use, all the crazy shit that happens at an Upper West Side private high school, et cetera) I often think of her as really fat and unattractive.? I don’t know why, that just how I picture her.? Like some Frankenstein version of the cuteness we used to know as Veronica Mars.

Also, Contance Billard just like the high school I went to, except the exact opposite.? So I can relate.

Gossip Girl Season 2 begins Sept. 1 on CW.

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