Fringe’s boogeyman

Fox has compiled a videoclip detailing every appearance of “The Observer,” the show’s mysterious bald man indirectly related to the pattern.  He appears discretely in every episode and may be extraterrestrial or well, we don’t really now.

Since new episodes of the show don’t return until January I get the sense that this clip, along with the most recent episode that ended on a cliffhanger (and more importantly who’s plot didn’t tidely wrap up by show’s end) signals the show could be changing gears slightly. The Observer will play an important part in that.

For those that have stuck around, the below clip will tickle your jones.  For those that never watched the show or bailed early on, you might not be as interested.  I enjoy it for what it is, even though the main girl Olivia constantly looks constipated (what some might call acting).  It’s not the X-Files, but few shows are.

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