Geraldo Humps Corpse For Ratings

Geraldo Rivera took another foul-smelling shit on respectable TV journalism as he broadcast the bloodied corpse of suicide-case supermodel Ruslana Korshunova on Fox News.

His comments on the scene were tabloidtastically awesome as well: “These are the last images of her broken body being lifted off the Manhattan sidewalk, where shocked and sickened witnesses watched her smash onto the concrete.”

All vomit aside, did we really expect anything better from either Geraldo or Fox News?? This is the same mustached loser who disclosed the location of American troops in 2003; supposedly pushed an aide worker aside during the Katrina rescue; and, y’know, that whole Al Capone vault thing.

Swooping in to the rescue came David Clark, executive producer of programming at Fox News, to say, “It was a producer error and we deeply regret it.”? Uh-huh.? No, seriously, we believe you?”error.”? ‘Cause Fox News has never done anything aggressively stupid for ratings.

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