HBO’s – ‘Generation Kill’

In light of the indifference towards FX’s short lived series Over There, we have to keep an eye towards the reaction to HBO’s seven-hour miniseries about the Iraq War, Generation Kill,? for a few reasons.

One, it’s creators are David Simon and Ed Burns.? The duo behind The Wire, which seemed to get the internets all worked up over Season 5 and the show’s overall greatness.? Will that greatness transfer to a show about the War in Iraq?

The second reason is that this type of content seems to be met with indifference from the public at large and critics aren’t sure how to react.? Do negative reviews mean they condone the war or vice versa.

Lastly, is it appropriate to paint an entire generation of soldiers as blood-thirsty killers?? Isn’t it kind of hypocrisy to train soldiers to do a specific and necessary job (for which I might add no one else in this country would want to do) and then turn around and brand them as immature killers.? It’s too early to decide, but I do know that the connection between videogames and music to violence is tenuous at best, pathetic and shortsighted at worst.? Via: Kottke

The HBO mini-series is based upon the book Generation Kill by Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright.? The non-fiction book details the early movements of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and depicts the complex challenges faced by the U.S.-led mission in the war’s early stages. This video is more of a news report about the book.

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