Help celebrate Mr. Rogers with a sweater

For a lot of people, it wasn’t just Seasame Street that made an impact on their lives at a young age.? There was also Mr. Rogers soothing voice teaching us to tie our sneakers and welcoming us to his neighborhood.? But thinking back on it, that show was crazy with the magical puppet world in his closet.

The children’s public television icon died a few years ago from cancer, but the City of Pittsburgh is trying to commemorate his life by asking people to wear sweaters on March 20, otherwise known as his 80th birthday.

Mister McFeeley, oddly his real name and stranger still he’s still alive and even stranger still that was a bad name for a character on a children’s television show about a smooth talking guy who welcomes children into his home to see his magical train set in his closet.? Just saying, they might have wanted to reconsider that one.

Regardless, we’re sweatering up on March 20th in memory of Mister Rogers.? Because after all won’t you be my neighbor?? That was a seriously good show intro.

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