JJ Abrams new television show

Collider has gotten their hands on the pilot script for JJ Abrams next television show Fringe. The show has lined up Pacey Whitter, er actor Joshua Jackson and Mark Valley (Keen Eddie) to star.

So what’s the show about? Apparantly it’s a 25/25/50 mix of House/Bones/X-Files. Full caveat, the reviewer got his hands on an early draft.

The fringe the title refers to is fringe science. The weird stuff. The stuff that will make X-Files-philes blush with anticipation. This pilot goes into how three people ? a Federal Agent, an institutionalized scientist and his genius son ? come together to address the problems this field?s work births into the world.

Ultimately, the script reads like a 25/25/50 mix of House, Bones and X-Files and I say that as a person who enjoys/enjoyed all three of those shows. The conspiracy seems to stem from a company called Prometheus founded by none other than William Bell ? Walter Bishop?s old lab partner. Yes, I know those familiar with mythology may think the company name a bit heavy-handed but I dig it.

So, we’ve got JJ Abrams with a mysterious group , conspiracy and an acerbic, socially inept main character? Sounds good to us. No word on when this is going into production or when you can expect the show on your cathode ray tube.

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