New Clone Wars trailer

clonewars1.jpgThere was a trailer for the new animated WB Clone Wars television series that popped up over the weekend. Unfortunately all traces of the trailer have disappeared from the internet or been asked to be removed from websites by Warner Bros. The first 1.5 hours of the series will be theatrically released at the end of the summer.

But I can say that the trailer gave me pause for two reasons. First, the animation looks cheap and terrible. This is certainly not Pixar-quality animation when it should be. It looks stiff, like something from a videogame. Secondly, the story takes place between Episodes II and III. So you know that none of the major characters are in any actual jeopardy.

This series seems like just another excuse to show off cool Jedi Force powers and make some added money to pad George Lucas’s coffers. They should have set this either at the beginning of the Jedi Republic or after Episode VI. That would have been far more interesting. They also should have taken the time to perfect the animation. Doing Star Wars in animation is brilliant because it frees the world and characters from the constraints of the “real world” to allow for some exciting possibilities.

We’ll post the new trailer for you when one becomes “legally” available. But, if you are curious as to what this will look like in the meantime, then the sneak preview (found here) gives a good look.



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