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Around these parts we can’t get enough of the Food Network. Some shows are certainly better than others. Honestly, we can’t stop watching Throw Down with Bobby Flay. It’s a wonderful celebration of everyday cooks and food and what makes it particularly enjoyable is that celebrity chef Bobby Flay almost never wins the throw down. That’s kinda funny to us.

The network is launching a slew of new shows this year. Already in the can is one with British chef Jamie Oliver. It’s okay. He picks food in his garden and then cooks it in his rustic farmhouse kitchen. But for our tastes it’s a little too rustic and a little too British.

Down Home with the Neelys

Premieres tomorrow afternoon at 11 a.m. By day, Pat and Gina Neely create and serve delicious barbeque fare to customers across several locations. But when they are relaxing at home in Memphis, they love to create tasty dishes that their whole family can enjoy. On Down Home with the Neelys, Pat and Gina share their secrets with Food Network viewers, from their most requested restaurant dishes to their tastiest family-friendly recipes. Whether making barbeque, spaghetti, lip-smacking ribs or a decadent Strawberry Shortcut Cake, the Neelys will provide delicious and easy recipes that the entire family will enjoy!

As co-owners of Neely?s Bar-B-Que, Patrick and Gina Neely have turned their family restaurant into one of the most successful barbeque restaurants in the south.


Ultimate Recipe Showdown

This show launches on Feb. 17 at 9 p.m. and is hosted by Marc Summers and Guy Fieri. The series features everyday folks competing in a Kitchen Stadium-like arena to pit their best dishes against one another. Whether it?s the recipe that always gets requested from family and friends, the one that consistently wins the neighborhood competitions or the delicious dish that was passed down from grandma, America will see whose recipe is the best in their class and who walks away with the prize.

Think of it as Iron Chef for regular folks. Cool concept. With thousands of entries, whittled down to 54, the original creations were divided into six categories ? Burgers, Chicken, Comfort Foods, Pasta, Cakes, and Cookies. Each week, nine finalists will compete under the lights and in front of an enthusiastic crowd to make the most delicious version of their recipe. A panel of judges including Katherine Alford (Director, Food Network Test Kitchen), Kerry Simon (chef and partner at SIMON LA, Simon at Palms Place and CatHouse at the Luxor) and Russ Parsons (Food Columnist, The Los Angeles Times) then score each dish on creativity, appearance, ease of execution and taste.

The winner, in addition to having their recipe crowned as the ?ultimate,? wins $25,000 and the chance to have his-or-her recipe featured nationwide at T.G.I. Friday?s restaurants.

Rescue Chefs

And finally, on March 1 at noon, chef Danny Boome will help home cooks solve some of their biggest problems cooking in confined kitchens, with crappy equipment.

From The Big Apple to The Lone Star State, Boome will ?rescue? viewers across America from culinary meltdown. Whether Danny?s helping a schoolteacher recreate her wedding?s short ribs recipe for an anniversary dinner or perfecting culinary delights like Grandma?s Mexican enchiladas, crispy southern fried chicken, and authentic Thai food ? each episode will guarantee supper success. Danny also encourages recipe risk-tasking with inventive ingredients to give stale meals a fresh twist.

?It?s important to feel comfortable in the kitchen ? confident that perfection and originality are attainable with every recipe,? says Boome. ?With a straightforward, positive approach and an understanding of the basics, viewers will regard cooking ? even their most problematic recipe ? as a rewarding experience rather than a daunting chore.?

British-born Danny Boome has traveled throughout North America and Europe exploring his culinary curiosity, hosted several Canadian and English television cooking shows, and served as a chef for high-profile European figures including Paris? Sultan of Oman. An advocate for educating children, parents, and teachers, Danny runs a successful cooking school and has appeared regularly on several UKTV programs. From semi-professional hockey to au pair, this ?Rescue Chef? has explored many trades but always had a passion for cooking

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  • Jim February 1, 2008, 3:50 pm

    That was my first thought too, especially cause he’s notorious for his OCD.

  • Lucas February 1, 2008, 1:43 pm

    Maybe it’s just my Double Dare nostalgia, but there’s something unsettling about Marc Summers hosting multiple Food Network shows. Oh well, Down Home with the Neelys sounds like a winner.

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