New Trailer: “24”

I’ve held off on posting about the new season of 24 for the most part simply because the last few seasons have slipped in quality with the death knell of? last season, which struck me as a shameful parody of the show.? It has reached a point, I believe, where they either have to call it quits or radically reinvent the show.? It sounds as if the new season will be neither of those two things.

The producers had a chance to do so last season, where instead of a season where Jack Bauer skips around town doing the same old thing, battling the same old plot twists, they should have made the entire season about Jack Bauer breaking out of a Chinese prison and attempting to get back home to America.? It would have been the perfect ending to the show.? Jack on the run, out numbered and facing the heat in Southeast Asia.

Anyway, this time Jack Bauer plays the White savior for the fictional dark continental country of Sengala.? Can’t say this trailer makes me want to see the new season, but I know I’ll watch.

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