New Trailer: Heroes Season 3

Am I alone in thinking that season 2 of NBC’s Heroes was full of turdiness? It was awful and my main problem, besides the terrible writing on the show, is that we want to see these people fly their freak flags, ya know? I want this to be like X-Men, where the characters are all fighting to save the world and the stakes are high and it’s intense. I don’t really care about the personal psychobabble that the show always seems to wallow in.

That aside, I’m still cautiously excited for the start of Season 3. Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since the end of Season 2, that I forgot just how much the show irked me or maybe because I’d like to get reacquainted with Kristen Bell, but perhaps I’m hoping that some characters will get killed off. Cough, Nicki, cough. Seriously.

The biggest issue I have with Heroes is that there are no stakes because no one gets killed off unless you are a henchmen, a cop or some third-tier character. There is no danger on the show. If they focussed on two or three characters (Peter, Claire and Hiro would be the obvs choice) and everyone else had the potential to be killed off then I’d be excited. <Lebowski impersonation>It would be like living on the edge, man!</Lebowski impersonation>

We’ll see if good really does battle evil on Sept. 22, 2008.

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