Showtime ahead of the media curve

Showtime has teamed up with internet TV provided, Brightcove, to allow Emmy voters to stream full seasons of their signature shows like Brotherhood, Weeds, Dexter and Californication.? The move aims to forego the traditional process of mailing out screeners of their shows.? Now, voters will be able to simply enter a passcode (hint, hint can anyone dig one up?) at: and you’ll be able to watch any of their shows at their leisure.?

Now, this isn’t necessarily the first step in the right direction, but would consumers pay a small fee to access this content as opposed to getting leeched from their cable provider?? I think I would, but I would also gladly sit through commercials for the opportunity to watch these shows as well.

Showtime series will be available beginning Feb. 15 and continue streaming through the summer (which includes the Emmy season’s June balloting and August judging).

“This year’s Primetime Emmy campaign initiative was driven by a goal to create a new and unique way for voters to view Showtime’s eligible programming anywhere in the U.S,” said Richard Licata, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications for Showtime.?

Not available to regular old consumers, but this seems to be a step in the right direction to push for internet television.

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