Slings and Arrows

Speaking of Hamlet, I would like to point out a Canadian television import that’s currently seized my attention and dominated my Netflix queue.

Slings and Arrows follows a Shakespearean theater festival reeling after the scandalous on-stage nervous breakdown of their star Hamlet, Geoffrey Tenant (dazzlingly played by Paul Gross) and, later, the untimely death-by-Ham-delivery-truck of their longtime Artistic Director Oliver Welles (Stephen Ouimette). Geoffrey reluctantly returns to take the position of Artistic Director, and finds himself haunted by the nagging ghost of his departed frienemy as he prepares to direct the very production which sent him into psychological breakdown – Hamlet.

This dark (and sadly only three-seasoned) comedy series also stars and is co-written by Kids in the Hall‘s Mark McKinney, who plays Richard Smith-Jones, the faltering business manager, desperately trying to bring the theater out of the red. The best part about the series (besides it’s amazing well-cast actors), is that each season they focus on a new play: season 1 is Hamlet, season 2 is the dreaded Macbeth, and season 3 is King Lear.

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