Sneak peak at new television shows

Not every network is going the Showtime route and letting you see the pilot episode (in this case “The United States of Tara”) a few weeks in advance for their buzzed-about midseason shows.

But if you are curious enough about Dollhouse, Caprica, Cupid, or Boldly Going Nowhere (a sci-fi sitcom spoof from the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang and easily my most anticipated new show) and the numerous midseason replacements, SpoilerTV has posted pilot scripts for 22 new TV series.

“If you dare to peek, take them with a grain of salt: Some of the shows have been rewritten, and there’s no guarantee that what you see will match what makes it to air,” says Whitney.

True, but you will get the flavor of the show and a hint of what is to be expected.   Still, we wish more networks would debut their shows online.  Who wouldn’t want to get a look at Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse to see if it is or isn’t a trainwreck.  Everyone I talk to is approaching this show with fingernails firmly bitten.

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