The best part of Mad Men

Everybody loves Mad Men, AMC’s sexy and stylish show about advertising execs in the 1960’s.? Season 2 has already started and though only one episode has aired the show is still going strong.? Every episode is like watching a movie.? The small things matter, the camera lingers, sometimes small events equal big drama, sometimes major events matter little.

Despite all of the delicious roles – the boys trying to be men, the cantankerous men trying to hold back the tsunami of feminism, the women caught between the modern world their daughters will inhabit and being the proper housewife their mothers taught them to be -? it has always been the women which fascinate the most.?

To be fair, though the show is largely about the men of advertising firm Sterling Cooper and particularly Don Draper, it is Elizabeth Moss’s portrayal of Peggy Olson that steals the show.? What could have amounted to a largely unremarkable role has turned into the series’s best character ark.

Peggy isn’t a bombshell secretary like that of red-haired vixen Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks), but she is the quiet killer. Whereas Joan uses her sexuality to manipulate the men in her life, Peggy has an awkward sexuality, or rather she doesn’t understand how to use her sexuality in the way that Joan does.

That’s refreshing in many ways because Peggy relies on her cunning intelligence to quickly move from secretary to ad copy-writer, despite being pregnant during season one.

She is a brilliant loner, essentially chafing at the thought of being a mere secretary, but playing coy to the surrounding hedonism.? She stands out by attempting to blend in, ambition without the ambition.? That’s not easy to portray, yet Moss, 26, does this superbly.

Her arc during season one, in which she grew fatter and fatter, much to the chagrin of her male coworkers, without having never realized she was pregnant was a beautiful slight of hand.? Now during season 2, Peggy Olson is one of the best ad copy writers Sterling Cooper has and keeping her child a secret.

It’ll be interesting to see where Peggy Olson and actress Elizabeth Moss go, but one thing for sure is she’s the best thing about the show.

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