The fictional universe of Tommy Westphall

Who was Tommy Westphall?? Well he was the autistic child in the television show St. Elsewhere.? It’s one of the most notorious television endings ever, because it is revealed that the famed hospital show all took place inside the mind of Tommy Westphall.

Extrapolating from that simple conclusion, someone has taken the time to further conclude what other shows took place in this particular fictional universe.? And it’s an impressive list, featuring shows like Buffy, Seinfeld, Walker Texas Ranger, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I Love Lucy, Mayberry RFD, Cop Rock, Ellen, M*A*S*H, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, The Jeffersons and of course, Homicide.?

In total there are 282 shows, including 15 non-US shows connected to this fictional universe, all because two detectives from Tom Fontana’s show Homicide: Life on the Street appeared in an episode to interogate Tommy.

Tom Fontana has increased his own corner of the multiverse by adding sly references to his past series in his current work. It is his hope that one day all of TV will be part of Tommy’s mind. I’m not sure if he’s joking or not, but slowly but surely, Tom’s (and Tommy’s) dream is coming true.

Sounds crazy, but these guys have done their legwork to put this all together.? A full list of all shows that took place inside the mind of Tommy Westphall can be found here in alphabetical order.


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