The final espidoses of “The Shield”

I haven’t watched a single episode of the final season of FX’s sterling cop drama The Shield. It’s not streaming and until it does or comes out on DVD I’m resisting any and all attempts to find out how Det. Vic Mackey’s life is going to end.  Because it will end or he will get his comeuppance.  Still, I finally cracked and read this excellent article in Salon about the final few episodes.  Sounds like I’ll be in for a treat when I get around to seeing how my favorite corrupt cop goes out.  “As we pull into the breathtaking homestretch of this final season, Mackey’s game may be compromised by one big, unforeseen wild card: Corinne has agreed to collaborate with Dutch and Claudette to nail Mackey to the wall. Mackey may be determined to punish Shane for murdering fellow Strike Team member Lem, but his plans for vengeance are just one part of a powder keg of longtime grudges in play — Claudette is determined to take Mackey down after years and years of being forced to tolerate a corrupt cop in her midst; Aceveda is anxious to get Mackey out of his hair and to cover his own ass and keep his political career viable; and Corinne is resolved to get her family free of Mackey and his dangerous ways for good. Mackey’s blindness to Corinne’s betrayal may be the spark that makes this whole thing go up in smoke.”  [Salon]

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