The Shield’s final bow

Tomorrow night, the great FX cop drama The Shield begins its final bow at 10 p.m.? In Season 7 we’ll hopefully find out the fate of Det. Vic Mackey and if all his bad deeds catch up to him.

Even if you don’t know the difference between the Biz-Lats, Farmington, The Strike Team, One-Niners or the Armenian Money Train, FX has put together the mother of all promo videos.? It’s a great recap for those that have never watched the show and for those that have been watching from day one.

Television cop dramas, especially those on basic cable, have rarely been as engrossing or maintained a high level of quality for their duration.? But The Shield has done that.? Each season, they’ve ramped up the stakes making the good guys seems just as vicious to save themselves.? On the streets of Farmington, it’s not about right and wrong, it’s about survival.? No one does that better than Vic Mackey.

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