What’s next for Neil Patrick Harris

We’re turning into the unofficial Doogie Howser fan blog here at The Sly. But it’s all good. I think people could afford to have more Doogie in their lives. So now that Dr. Horrible has ended and the numbers are being crunched as to the business side of things, which Joss himself seems to concur, what’s doing with The Doog?

Well, glad you asked. Or rather we asked. A while back we mentioned that Feist would be adding some hipster indie cred to Sesame Street on the 39th season premiere. And guess who’s going to be there with her? That’s right. It’s the Doogster*.

He’ll be playing a shoe fairy. “Not the shoe fairy ? the fairy shoe person. It?s quite a different connotation. I was asked by Sesame Street to be a part of a song and I just leapt at the opportunity. Jim Henson was the only person I ever wrote a fan letter to as a kid and I?m a wild fan of puppets and the Henson Company in general,” he told After Elton. “They wrote a song, wanted me to sing it. There are all these different mythical characters this season. Sandra Oh plays another type of fairy that Abby Cadabra creates and so we got to do this big musical number with puppets and dancing. It was a great, great afternoon. It?s one demographic that I have yet to win over.”

Well consider them won over.

*Joss has the best line about people calling NPH “Doogie.” When he said that Doogie has a name and it’s “Barney.” That just kills me. Always quick with a joke that Joss Whedon character. [via]

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