Why J.J. Abrams’s Fringe is losing my patience

Joshua Jackson stars in the new JJ Abrams showCall me provincial, call me a relative realist, but is it so much to ask of television shows that take place in certain cities to have actually done some research into their respective cities?? It’s as if J.J. Abrams and company have never once visited Boston for his new show Fringe.

Only two episodes into the spooky paranormal show and I can look past the crazy science of the show and suspend my disbelief over things like an excellerated birth wherein a conception occurs and the baby grows to 80-years-old within four hours. Or pulling retina images off a dead girl, et cetera.

But one thing I can not over look is playing fast and loose with the physical locations.? I get that television shows are rarely, if never, filmed on location in the cities they take place in.? But, it is no unreasonable to assume the producers do some homework first.? Take for example episode number two of the Fox show Fringe.

In this episode, there is a serial killer.? At one point he takes a victim to Stoughton, Mass.? It’s a big town about 35 minutes south of the city along route 138, nestled comfortably between 95 and 24 (two big highways).? Other than the occassional pond, there are no major riverways or docks in the town.? The killer takes his victim to the warehouse district, okay whatever.? But it’s when he asks her to look out the window at the bridge, that things get dicey.? She looks and sees a massive bridge.

When the paranormal detectives recover the image, the bridge is recognized by one of the technicians because she used to live in Dighton (pronounced on the show as “Dit-ton” when it’s really “Digh’tun” but we can overlook that).? Dighton is about 40 mins. south of Stoughton, so it’s not exactly a border town or city, it’s quite a bit aways.

Anyway, they recover the image of the Sargent Bridge in Stoughton, Mass.

So the Sargent Bridge in Stoughton?? The image on the left?? Well for one the bridge doesn’t actually exist.? Secondly, the bridge they used was the Williamsburg Bridge in NY, evidenced by the image on the right.

So here’s my complaint.? If you make a show and set it in Seattle, Boston, Miami, Chicago, where ever and don’t plan on shooting in that city at least hire a consultant to comb through scripts.? Cities deserve better, especially Boston.? They could have easily set the scene in Revere, Malden, Everett, Somerville, Chelsea or Eastie or any number of little cities that have an excellent view of the Tobin Bridge, which is essentially Boston’s massive steel bridge.? Plus those towns all have excellent “warehouse districts” to boot with their proximity to the harbor.

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