30 Rock and The Muppet Show


Comicbook writer Brian Lynch reveals the seedy underbelly of Tina Fey’s beloved NBC sitcom.  He makes a pretty compelling case that 30 Rock is nothing more than a rip-off of The Muppet Show.  It starts with Liz Lemon as Kermit the Frog and continues on down.

Both are the most normal people on their respective shows. Both are unlucky at love. Both are neurotic worrywarts and type-a personalities who slow burn into a crazy breakdown once per episode. AND both have some kind of flirtation with the guest stars that ultimately goes nowhere. There is absolutely no difference between Liz Lemon and Kermit the Frog save for genitalia (Liz is a lady, Kermit has none).

Clearly Tina Fey has studied Kermit for hours preparing for her role. Remember the wacky voice Liz Lemon used to get out of Jury Duty? Oh man, that was funny. UNLESS you saw the part in THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN when Kermit got amnesia.

I’m buying the similarities, intentional or not.

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