ABC cancels The Unusuals

Probably about 10 people care about this news, but as far as cop shows, it was one of the better ones to come down the pipe in recent years.  I found myself enjoying The Unusuals more than I probably should have. 

The show’s strengths were largely due to the top notch ensemble – particularly Adam Goldberg, Amber Tamblyn and Harold Perrineau. 

But the ratings weren’t there for the quirky cop procedural. 

“Friends, just heard The Unusuals will not be back for a second season,” series creator Noah Hawley shared Sunday via his Twitter account. “Thanks for all your amazing support. Last [four] episodes start May 27.”

ABC gave The Unusuals a fair shot, even running double episodes one week, on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Still, it’s numbers hovered around the 5 million viewer mark.

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