ABC could add shows to Hulu

ABC’s parent company, Disney, , is currently in negotiations with online provider which could make shows from that network available to the site.  Hulu currently streams current and archived shows from NBC and FOX.  No specifics on the deal or timeline of availability is currently available.  The other major network, CBS, will most likely not join Hulu as it focuses its efforts on the site that it now owns.  NBC is currently renegotiating its contract with Hulu.

This would be a major coup for Hulu, giving it three major networks under it’s umbrella. And would make me happy.  I hate ABC’s online video player.  It’s the worst.

If Hulu could swing deals with sites smaller cable outfits like AMC and A&E or some premium cable networks like HBO, Showtime, etc.  then Hulu would effectively become the flagship for online television.  I’m not saying that’s going to happen, just that that should be their goal.

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