An Onslaught of Television Remakes

So expect this from Hollywood: “That is another way of saying it is only natural to turn to familiar titles because they attract attention. The question is whether the series that result will attract viewers. The track record does more than suggest not: it screams not. In the history of network television, no remake of a previous hit series has ever become a hit itself on network television. Plenty have been tried. In recent years there have been efforts to revive both “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Melrose Place” on the CW network. No one would claim either approaches the success of their predecessors, or even passable hit status.”

Television remakes.  Lots of them.  In the pipeline at the networks are remakes for “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Rockford Files,” and “Hawaii Five-O” among many others.  The strange thing is that executives think remakes are good business practice, but few, if any, ever really succeed.  Only in Hollywood.

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