Another Reason to Love Danny DeVito

danny-devitoEvery week on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Danny DeVito throws caution to the comedy winds with his wreckless and sadistic, dirty-old-man character Frank Reynolds. 

There is nothing else like his character on television — a man so crass, selfish and darkly perverse that he would coax his son into “no rules” sexual favors, use a staple-gun to create a stigmata, show up at an orgy for the buffet, collaborate with a homeless guy to commit “fecal forgery”, trick his children into eating human meat, and attempt to bang his sister-in-law at her husband’s funeral before deciding it’s easier to bang his sister-in-law’s daughter.

And that ain’t even the half of it.  Most recently he was seen on the disturbingly hilarious Christmas special birthing himself from the interior of a leather couch completely naked. 

No one could have predicted the ascendancy of Danny DeVito from schleppy sitcom star in the 70’s and 80’s, character actor in the 90’s, into the kind of g0-for-broke comedic genius he is today. 

Vanity Fair sits down with him to talk about this transformation and the interview doesn’t disappoint.  To wit:

College students make up a big portion of the audience for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Do you think the show acts as a positive moral compass?

Without a doubt. I tell all the young people in my life—my kids and godchildren and anybody else of an impressionable age—I just tell them to watch the show. You’re only going to learn from the show. It really is an education. Fuck college. You know what I mean? Watch It’s Only Sunny in Philadelphia.

That’s a good message for the kids today. Screw your education!

Yeah, exactly! (Laughs.) Get your friends together on a Thursday night, order up a few kegs, watch our show and start the weekend right. That’s what I would do. Forget homework! Have a few dozen limoncellos.

And, on having sex with Rhea Pearlman (his wife) at the White House:

You once claimed that you and Rhea Perlman had filthy sex in the White House. I’m probably going to regret asking this, but was that just a joke?

The thing is, Rhea and I are married. We were having sex even before we were married. So whenever we’re near a bed and it’s nighttime, our tendency is to have sex. So we were at the White House, showing our support for Hillary’s Children’s Defense Fund, and we were invited to stay the night in the Lincoln Bedroom. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it’s a really gorgeous bed. And we kinda turned it into, you know… (long pause) we turned it into Sodom and Gomorrah.

(Laughs.) Oh sweet Jesus!

Let me just leave you with one thing. The Lincoln bed is very, very big. It also has bedposts. So if you’re thinking about doing anything even remotely filthy in the Lincoln Bedroom, don’t forget to bring the long restraints.

Did you remember to bring the long restraints?

Naw, we just used towels. But in the morning, Rhea wouldn’t untie me. I begged her, but she didn’t care. She’s like, “You can stay there all day.” That’s the way it is sometimes. They leave you tied up, man. That’s the bad part.

I’ve been meaning to try his Limoncello.

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