Boldy Going Nowhere gets reworked

Look, regular readers understand how retarded I am for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  In fact, I probably write more about that television than any other. 

Combine that with my nerdery, nay, my general disposition towards science fiction and it’s not a difficult pill to swallow that I was eagerly anticipating their new sci-fi comedy Boldly Going Nowhere, despite landing with FOX. 

In an interview with SciFi Wire, Glen Howerton revealed that the pilot was shot, but is being completely rewritten to include more science fiction elements.

We just realized it was more fun to embrace the scifi rather than fight against it…In some ways, the first time around we were fighting against it, and I think we fought too hard. It ended up being just not as much fun as it could be. I think we realized that in an attempt to not parody scifi, we ended up almost cutting out too much of the scifi. I think that was a mistake.

But, as Io9 points out, the show isn’t immune from cancellation yet.  It doesn’t help that the show would be on FOX, which has a history of cancelling great science fiction programming. 

If the show never gets off the ground, it would be nice to see them incorporate the ideas into an It’s Always Sunny plotline, which generally means Charlie is up to no good.  Still, given the success that The Nightman Cometh meme has had, it wouldn’t surprise us that Boldly Going Nowhere ends up as a dream/drug-fueled fantasy from Charlie.

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