Conan’s Late Night sendoff

conan_o_brienIt was a great way to go out and if anyone doesn’t think Conan is going to absolute kill it as the new Tonight Show host, they would be sorely mistaken.

John Mayer, Will Ferrell, Abe Vigoda, and Andy Richter helped Conan say goodbye to Studio 6A Friday night; good friends The White Stripes played Conan’s favorite song in what was an under-rehearsed yet touching performance.

We’ll only share a few clips we loved, but obviously, everything from The White Stripes playing “We Are Going to Be Friends” to Conan’s touching goodbye hit all the right spots.  Contrary to popular belief Conan O’Brien didn’t die, he’s just moving to LA.


The White Stripes

1860s Baseball: Conan’s all-time favorite skit

President Bush pays his respects

His final goodbye

Though a bit long at 10-minutes, it’s certainly worth watching for him fighting back the tears and thanking all the people who helped make the show possible.

See you in LA Conan!

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