Craig Ferguson’s 1000th Episode

Jason Segel, on the occasion of The Late Late Shows 1000th episode, performs a slightly revised version of his muppet opus “Dracula’s Lament.”  I checked out the show for Kristen Bell, but stayed for the puppet action.  This special espisode was hosted by Wavy the Alligator.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like Ferguson has catapulted himself onto another level as late night host, separating himself from the pack.

Also, this brings up the ginormous elephant in the room known as Craig Kilbourn.  Has another person ever left as host of two shows, only to see them go on to be funnier and better without them?  I can’t imagine either The Daily Show or The Late Late Show with Kilbourn in the hosting chair.

If you’re wondering, the backing band in the clip above is Los Angeles quintet The Broken West, who are signed to Chapel Hill’s Merge Records. Though, I could have sworn they broke up earlier this year.

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