“Dollhouse” big bad revealed by set designer

We finally caught up on the last few remaining episodes of Dollhouse last night and while we’re not still hooked on it, it’s a fairly solid show, with an interesting premise.  It’s also not a lawyer, cop or doctor procedural so that makes it practically apointment viewing.

Now, FOX just needs to take their hands off and let Joss be Joss.  He’s done a good job of establishing the show’s universe and the big bad for Season One – known as Alpha.

And now that Alpha’s “identity” has been spoiled by the show’s set designer Leonard Harman, we’re definitely not giving up because of the actor portraying the first active to go completely screwbluey.  And yes, it’s Alan Tudyk! Sorry, he’s not undressed, only his victim is. Fans on the Something Awful forum, who discovered the image, speculate that the set includes Alpha’s own version of the Dollhouse’s mind-wiping technology.


I would have to concur, it can’t really be anything else other than Alpha’s own mind wipe technology.  I’m am positively giddy about where this show is heading for the first time.


[io9 via ONTD]

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