Emmy Nominations

benjamin-linusThe Emmy nominations were announced this morning.  There’s going to be debate over snubs and surprises, but the Emmy’s always seem like the most pointless awards show in a long slew of pointless awards shows. 

At least this year, it’s not the same old, same old shows being nominated, though there is a bit of grandfathering going on – Big Love and House in the drama category and Entourage, The Office in comedy. 

Pleasant surprises for me were the recognition of Jim Parson’s work in The Big Bang Theory, Michael Emerson for his scenery chewing performance as Benjamin Linus on Lost, Breaking Bad getting it’s propers, and, finally, John Slattery and Elizabeth Moss were standouts on Mad Men.

Unpleasant surprises abound, but really, it’s the Emmy’s, so it’s not like I expect them to recognize the outstanding work being done in genre material.

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