First five-minutes of Grey’s Anatomy season six

I won’t give away too much from the clip above, but for regular watchers of the show (I reluctantly admit I am somehow still one of them), it looks like the writers are asking you to believe that Dr. George O’Malley, last seen smashed from walking into a bus or something and writing “007” into Meredith Grey’s hand, isn’t really the pulpy dead guy in the hospital.


“That’s not George,” says Dr. Grey (there seems to be a weird discrepency with how season five ended and season six begins; or it could be my shoddy memory). “Look at his feet! Look how tall he is!”  So maybe he’s alive!  I don’t know!  It’s all so confusing! 

Based on the clip that Vulture got their hands on, it looks like I might not be watching for much longer.

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