Flash Forward commercials during Lost

So last night was as crazy/action-packed episode of Lost as they come.  Farraday getting shot by his own mother?  If he’s dead does that mean that the cycle he’s trying to prevent just repeats itself over and over and over again until we keep coming back to that point?

Anyway, this isn’t about Lost this is about those strange advertisements that were run during lost.  The “what did you see?” ads.

flashforwardTurns out they’re for a show that doesn’t even exist yet; the clips are actually the start of the network’s campaign for Flash Forward. Though the show doesn’t exist, it’s safe to say that if ABC is running ads now, then the show has gotten the green light.

I doubt very much they would be running ads to see if there is enough initial interest to pick up the show. Then again, with the way networks decide on shows and tv lineups, nothing would surprise me regarding their terrible business decision.

But back to Flash Forward. It’s based upon Robert J. Sawyer’s novel about what happens when the entire human race loses consciousness for about two minutes (in the ABC version it’s two minutes and 17 seconds) and sees events that will happen 21 years in their future (in the ABC version they’ve reduced it to six months). According to Pop Critic, “Flash Forward chronicles the chaos that ensues after a scientific experiment begins goes badly.”

ABC hopes to have the show ready to replace Lost when it ends it’s remarkable run in 2010.  Only a pilot has been shot starring Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Jack Davenport, Christine Woods and Sonya Walger.  Production was overseen by David Goyer and Brannon Braga.

I like Goyer, mostly, and the cast with Joseph Fiennes and John Cho is respectable enough. The show was orignally developed for HBO and they were excited for the show, but felt it would work better on a network. 

Hard to make any judgements since there hasn’t been any footage to see, except for those annoying commercials.  Which you can see all five here. 

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